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Summer Concert 2024

SUNDAY 23rd June, 3pm start

Immerse yourself in an afternoon of musical brilliance at Meath Music Academy’s Summer Concert! Join us on Sunday 23rd June as our talented students, guided by passionate instructors, showcase a diverse range of musical genres. From classical to rock, experience the magic of their performances. Don't miss this chance to be captivated by the extraordinary talents nurtured at Meath Music Academy. See you at the concert for an afternoon of unforgettable melodies!

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Participating Students

We're very excited to get as many students involved as possible. If you don't get to perform at this concert, don't worry—there will be more opportunities in the future. Whether you're away on holiday or not quite ready yet, there will be many more chances to showcase your talents. Regular performances are part of our school's ethos.

Any participating students will need to arrive earlier. More details will follow by email, so please keep an eye out (and don't forget to check your spam folder).

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