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We offer tuition for students of all ages and skill levels (beginner to advanced) in Drum Kit and Snare percussion. Whether is is just for fun, personal development or geared towards specific academic goals, our team can cater towards your needs.

We offer preparation for Rockschool examinations as well as Trinity Guildhall, Royal Irish Academy of Music syllabus or preparation towards Junior & Leaving certificate practical examinations. 


Piano and Keyboard


We offer piano lessons to students from age 6 and at all levels. We tailor the course depending on the student – whether they want to learn for fun or if they want to take piano and music as a career, we will design the course around the student. There's the option to take piano exams with the Royal Irish Academy of Music and Rockschool, depending on what the student prefers. There are 3 exam sessions per academic year so the student applies for the exam when they are ready. 


The key areas that are taught in piano lessons include:

  • Scales and other technical exercises

  • Pieces

  • Music theory

  • Aural training

  • Reading



Keyboard lessons are also offered. The student explores the different sounds and functions of the keyboard while learning musicality and theory at the same time. Grade exams are also an option with the Victoria College of Music. 


At Meath Music Academy we know that everyone’s singing goals are different and that’s why we provide personalised vocal coaching for all ages and levels.


Your teacher will walk you through a simple vocal assessment to hear your voice and suggest ideas on how best to help you reach your goals.


Depending on your experience, a typical lesson will incorporate: warming up the voice, a series of technique-orientated exercises based on your vocal needs and applying this to song.


We will also be developing your musical ear, making sure you are pitching correctly during the scales and song and making sure that your voice is working towards achieving vocal balance. 


We teach Commercial Modern Music (CCM) vocal styles and work at the students pace to develop the techniques they need. 


Vocal health is of utmost importance. Your teacher will guide you on how to properly warm up and look after your instrument and then help you choose repertoire to best suit your voice and unique singing style.


Student have the option of taking vocal exams with Rockschool or the Royal Irish Academy of Music.



Violin lessons are offered to students from age 6 up and there is the option to take grade exams with the Royal Irish Academy of Music. At present, we do not offer traditional Irish fiddle lessons. 

Strummed and Plucked Strings: 
Guitar, Bass & Ukulele

We offer lessons in acoustic, electric, bass and classical guitar. Students can learn for fun or they can prepare for exams with RGT, Rockschool and the RIAM for classical students. 


We also offer lessons in Ukulele with the potential to sit exams with Rockschool. 


There are many opportunities throughout the school year for students to participate in performances, namely our Christmas concerts and our mid-summer concerts in July. 

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